Language Policy

Language policy for students and staff applying for outgoing mobility

The language policy of the VŠSSOVT is based on the belief that mobility participants need to have a suitable knowledge of English in order to be able to proficiently participate and perform during their mobility. The VŠSSOVT ensures that outgoing mobile participants are properly prepared from a linguistic point. The requirement for a successful mobility experience is an English language level of B2 or C1.

We have language courses as part of the study programs. If the student’s grades in these courses are 8, 9 or 10 (corresponding to C, B, A), this is taken as likely confirmation that the student’s language skill is at least B2 level.
Important: Part of the application process for an Erasmus+ mobility is a language exam organized by the foreign language professor at our School.

Also part of the mobility application process is that mobile students have to take the language courses in the online language support tool offered by the National Agency.